Shearing Season–aka the self-inflicted summer cut

I like to cut my own hair, and have gotten so I can usually pull it off without the need for a brown paper bag standing by.  My favorite is the layered cut, ’cause it takes my heavy mane and makes it manageable and, as an added plus, is very forgiving of mistakes.

Just for comparisons sake, this is me before the cut.  As you can see, it’s gotten all scraggly and scary.  Small children have screamed and little old ladies have fainted.

The basics are pretty simple:  Comb all the hair up on top of the head, right at the crown.  Make sure you center this over your nose rather than, say, your left or right eye.  Unless you go around with your head always tilted to one side or have some paper bags you’ve just gotta find a use for.  Here I’m making that first brave snip.

You’re guesstimating how many inches you want lopped off, based on where you want the hair to land on your face.  Such as, cheekbone or nose.  Hint: Measure first, then snip.

As a second stage, I gather just a bit from the top and give it a twist, then cut it straight across.  This time I’m only taking off a little bit–maybe a half inch.  I then twist the other direction and even it up.  I do this to add to the layered look on top and remove the clear line between the old cut and new.

And, voila!  I have a new haircut!

I can’t remember anymore where I first learned of this cut, but here you’ll find a pretty good step-by-step guide, in case you want to try it yourself.

DISCLAIMER: I am not suggesting anyone use scissors unless they can do so safely, and without the poking of eyes or trimming of ears.  If you are underage (or drunk), get a (sober) adult’s help.  Don’t blame me if you hate your cut.  If you represent or advocate for brown paper bags, please note that I in no way discrimate against brown paper bags and fondly use them for many other things.  Like a peace-offering to my son when I cut his hair.

7 comments to Shearing Season–aka the self-inflicted summer cut

  • Stacey

    Cute do! You did a great job. Interesting timing on this… I just gave James his annual haircut. He has taken to growing it out over the year and having me buzz it to about an inch on top for the summer.

  • Thanks! I pretend nonchalance, but in reality I’m always hugely relieved if I don’t hate it!

    Definitely that time of year–things start to warm up, and heavy hair becomes way too much insulation. 🙂 Tell James congrats on the cut!

  • You are a brave woman, Suzanne! I don’t think I would ever have the courage to do this! It looks good on you, though!

  • Thanks, but there really isn’t much to it. Okay, besides a healthy dose of bravado and those handy brown paper bags…plus warning the kids that if they laugh I’ll give them a trim… 😉

    All it takes is a string of bad cuts and you might be trying it yourself!

  • Erica Christensen

    Next time I’m doing this–I’m all about a free, awesome cut. Of course, if I hate it, I’m telling everyone who I got it from. Though actually, if my spouse hates it, he’ll fund me a new cut. Huh, either way it’s a win. I take back the bad referral bit.

    I love it, you look great!!

  • You always were braver than I am, but then I’m the idiot who was suckered into letting her aunt cut her hair short-short back in high school and has been attempting to grow it out ever since. It seems my daughter is taking after me considering she is smart enough to not let me even approach her hair with scissors in hand (she knows I can’t cut a straight line of hair to save my life) but almost suckered into getting her hair chopped more than a foot (so she could donate it “to Grandma’s wig”, even though Grandma doesn’t wear a wig anymore) before she realized it meant she wouldn’t have hair past her shoulders anymore. So she has officially decided that she is going to cut her hair and donate it to Locks for Love…in 6th grade, so it will still be long after the cut, as long as it isn’t Mom who is cutting it. Maybe we’ll have to get you here for the occasion, what do you think? 😀 Wanna fly to Utah to give a cousin’s daughter a hair cut in two years? (You know you are just dying to….) Hehehehehe

  • Actually, it sounds fun! Where are those tickets? Lol I am lucky that my hair grows super fast, and is fairly forgiving. Easier to be brave that way. Tell your daughter I think she’s savy and wise!

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