A movie depicting the desperation of a frantic mother, Kyle Pratt (played by Jodie Foster), and her determination to find her missing daughter.  The majority of the film takes place on a transatlantic flight just after the death of Mrs. Pratt’s husband. 

Pros:  The mother is creative in her search and uses her expertise in plane layout to good advantage.  Thanks to good writing and a skilled actress, she comes across as both gutsy and emotionally fragile.  Sean Bean, who played the pilot, also turned in a good performance, and many of the other supporting roles were performed quite well.

There’s a twist on the identity of the ‘bad guy’ that I was not expecting and enjoyed.

Cons: Some of the emotional buildup was over written.  The tricks of the trade employed by the writers were too obvious, so the audience was likely to notice the emotional manipulation.

While well-executed, the plot was not deep or terribly original.

Overall:  I give it three and a half stars.  A nice action and suspense show that was worth seeing, although better as a rental than in the full-price theaters.

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