Exciting News For Exciting Times

I rewrote my query today, and it only took me ten hours!  I think that’s a record.  Which kind I’d probably best not say.  But, it feels good to be finally really and truly heading out on the query trail.  Unlike last year when I went out with my dearly beloved 13 Demon Days, I’m feeling truly confident in my query, first pages, and novel.  Which doesn’t mean they can’t be improved, but they are the best I know how to make them at this time–no niggling doubts or wondering if I should have taken a second look.  It feels great!

What’s the only thing that could give query-time a run for its money as front page news?  Me and my writing buddies’ new group blog, the Cabinet of Cuirosities!  Hosted by Pat Esden, Ginger Churchill, Becca Fitzpatrick, Laura Anderson (who has some very exciting news of her own–a three book deal!!!), and me, of course.  We’re still getting it up to speed, but having a great time doing so.  Our second post went up today, a review of Jane Yolan’s new graphic novel, The Last Dragon.  Pat did a great review, and made me really envious that she’s already gotten her hands on a copy!

I personally have been a fan of Jane Yolan since before I knew what fans were, and was so excited to meet her at SCBWI National in January.  I was just sitting quietly on the front row of our last session when she and her friends claimed the seats next to me.  I actually had a great time whispering with Carol Snyder, who I did not recognize and was therefore able to relax and enjoy.  But, when I met Jane I had my first ever experience in which I was so excited I couldn’t think!  She asked me where I had published my short stories (something I really should know) but it was like my brain had just bailed.  Gone out for ice cream, or something.  I couldn’t come up with the name of a single mag where I’ve published.  She was very kind, and didn’t laugh at me, and patted my hand, and soon I was able to say something or other about mostly writing novels now and then toddle back to my seat.  I was left feeling very grateful that those gracious ladies took the time for me, a relative noob, but also very grateful that there are very few people in the world I am likely to fangirl!

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