Message In A Bottle

Facebook, email, texting…if you’re anything like me, sending letters in the mail as a form of communication sounds really, really sloooow.  But what if you couldn’t even use the good old red flag on your mailbox, and had to send your messages by bottle and cork?  What would you say?

Me, I think I’d write a blog.  Why?  Because obviously anything that was meant to be ‘current’ or newsworthy wouldn’t be by the time it was received.  What’s that, you say?  You’re stuck on an island and feel certain the turtles are in cahoots with the sharks and negotiating your demise?  Well, the message in the bottle isn’t going to help you–you’ll have moved on from that crisis, led a revolution in Atlantis and settled down to raise mer children by the time help shows up.  But a blog, now, that’s intended to be a timeless shout out from one human being to the rest the two-legged population, and it’s okay if the message gets picked up by a beachcomber in Texas instead of your Aunt Lucy in Maine.

So, here’s my message in a bottle:

The beach is great, the water’s even warm!  And we’re making friends.  Meet Alexias, an Entwife.  She’s enjoying the sun and sand, but would like to send word to Treebeard that she’s here.  Maybe he’d like to visit sometime.

We’ve also made friends with birds, crabs, and even dolphins, but we’ve spent the most time with the sun.  We’re actually becoming quite chummy.  We have a deal.  I wear my sunblock (even on my feet) and the sun promises to make an appearance every day so we can play.  He even posed for his picture the other morning, which I found very considerate.

Of course, he made me get up at the uncivilized hour of 6:00am for this shot, but I love the pic so much I’m not holding a grudge.

Lastly, a few words of advice from one islander to another.  Don’t let anyone pee on your jellyfish sting–even if they line up to help.  Never believe your children when they tell you they’re heading to the beach in their street clothes but ‘won’t get in the waves.’  And if you see an alligator, climb a tree.  Preferably higher and faster than the guy behind you.

Have a great week, and send me a reply by bottle when you finish off your coke!

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