Stumbling and Staggering and Banging into October

Some days just feel like a continental slide.  You’re ready and willing to address the needs of the day, but those needs keep tilting and tripping all over one another.  Today would be one of those days–probably ’cause it’s bumping up against October and can feel our impatience to be on with the next month.  Personally, I’m hoping to pull out Halloween decorations this weekend, and maybe whip up some pumpkin pancakes, too!

But instead of having the high-energy work and cleaning day I planned for, I spent my morning in the doctor’s office listening to the lady who was taking my blood tell me how her mom and kids were at home puking.


She was wearing gloves, but I kinda wish she’d added a mask to that!  At least I got some meds that should take care of the nausea and ear pain I’ve been swimming through.  Remember my post a couple weeks back with the cute little girl sick in bed?  Yeah, it’s been that long, and I still haven’t kicked this.  But!  But, but, but!  Today is Friday, and I have faith in Fridays. 😉

So, newsy bits and pieces for Friday:

  • I entered my query for 13 Demon Days in Mystery Agent Inbox (entry #39) over at Mother. Write. Repeat.  If you go check it out, you’ll get a quick look at my first 250 words of immortal text, and feel very special for having been privileged with a glimpse, I’m sure!  Seriously, though, drop by and tell me what you think!
  • I posted a blog on the Cabinet in which I touched on a few highlights from the SCBWI Carolinas Conference last weekend.  We also have an interview with Caleb Warnock available, which I’m tardy in mentioning.  But, Caleb’s insights are timeless, so no harm done!
  • Lastly, congrats to fellow cabinet member Becca Fitzpatrick on the announcement of a fourth book in her Hush, Hush saga!  Woot, woot, goooo Becca!!!

So, that’s it for me.  Here’s hoping your fun and games for the weekend will be a monumental success, and your Friday only slides in the direction you’re trying to go!

6 comments to Stumbling and Staggering and Banging into October

  • Now watch, my post tonight will be about our family’s stomach bug… 😕

  • amypete

    I read it! Fun to see what you’ve been up to and get a taste of your book. I know nothing about writing queries and such, so my comment won’t be worth much, but I did think the intro was a bit wordy, and read a bit like lots of books from this same genre. I would encourage you to emphasize the things that make your book/world unique. I have two kids who will love reading it when it’s in print!

  • Thanks, so much for reading it, and I’m glad you liked it! It’s actually supposed to sound kinda like other books–just not too much like them. It’s a tricky thing, but you need to make clear to the agent which books are your comps and that this book will have an obvious place it can be shelved. All while making sure you show that you’ve given it a unique spin. Searching for that balance can be entertaining!

  • Btw, just to be clear–I do appreciate the feedback! If/when I do a rewrite of this query, I will probably try to weave in a bit more about the family’s bad guy status, and the questions the kids deal with in learning just what their dad has done. Should be fun!

  • Hi Suzanne,

    I did enjoy your query and your first 250 words. As I said in my comment, you have a great sense of humor.

    How did the request for three fulls go? I hope you’ve had some success!! I have had 4 out (three rejected since). (My entry in Krista’s contest is #35, the one about Shakespeare, btw)

  • Hey, thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you liked the humor–this novel gets pretty silly at one point or another, so the humor will either fly high or splat flat. 🙂 As for queries, I got up to having four fulls out (making a total of five ever requested on this novel) and I’m now back down to three. Still no consensus from the agents as to why they’re passing, and they’re requesting I send any future work, so I’m hoping they are near-misses and I’ll still land an agent. Hoping, cause hope is a beautiful thing!

    I love your entry–Shakespeare sounds like he’s having quite the hey-day! Good to see the Bard getting out to have some fun, though I sympathize with your characters, too. Best of luck with your queries and publishing hopes! Your novel sounds like one I’d love to read!

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