A Tiny Attempted Fib and Tiny Fairy Houses

I think this may be the longest I’ve ever neglected my blog–nearly two weeks!  But, at least I have a really, really good excuse.  I got an— !!!

No, I can’t say it.  Not even as a joke.  Somebody would be sure to believe me and then word would spread and pretty soon everyone would hate me for having been nonsensical about that which is clearly not a joking matter.  So, no agent.  But, I did get some requests over the break and I’ve also decided to excercise greater patience about the fulls still out.  This despite the fact that it’s nearly Christmas and what I’d really like Santa to bring me is an agent!  😛

In the meantime and as a most excellent distraction, we visited friends in northern Virginia over Thanksgiving, and even managed to fight our way through the crowds to see the Smithsonian museums on Thanksgiving day.  Back when we used to live in the DC ‘burbs, I’d take the kids to the museums whenever I could and we discovered years ago that Thanksgiving day was a fantastic time to hit the museums.  Everything was peaceful, parking was plentiful, and the museums were ours for the taking.

Well, somebody must have let that particular secret out of the bag in the intervening years.  It wasn’t quite so bad as the summer time rush but it was still pretty busy.  On the up side, the train and fairyland exhibit opened just in time for us to see it while we were in town.  All the buildings that went up with the train exhibit (including mini-monuments, fairy houses, and presidential homes) are made from natural material and collected bits of plants. Further proof that the Botanical Gardens rock!

Take a look at these pics, and tell me they don’t make you wish you were half an inch tall!  Here we have a fairy mansion, with just a glimpse of the magically inspired decor inside.

A close up of a different room comes complete with a tiny organ.  Can you hear the music?  I can!

And finally we have a porcupine house and a giraffe house.

Can you tell which is which? 😉

Aren’t they just the most lovely things you’ve ever seen?  You know, in the same way that all lovely and creative things get a ‘most’ categorization?  They remind me of my pine cone people, who inhabit a special garden of wild magic in 13 Demon Days.  So much fun!

Which makes me wonder what it is with tiny people we find so fascinating.  I’ve never understood that.  I mean, sure, I feel it too.  But, why, I wonder?  Any thoughts?

3 comments to A Tiny Attempted Fib and Tiny Fairy Houses

  • Paula

    Hi Suzanne,
    I am the artist that built the fairy house you took a photo of at the US Botanical Gardens.
    Much to my surprise I was looking up fairy houses and found a photo of one I built!
    I am glad you enjoyed!!! Have a happy new year!

  • Hey, that is pretty cool! We were soo impressed with the houses, and could have cheerfully spent all day admiring them. My thanks from all our family for sharing your hardwork and artistry!


    PS I would love to keep in touch, so I’ll try to look you up on Facebook. If you see me there, drop a note and I’ll friend you!

  • I feel one of your ads triggered my web browser to resize, you might well need to set up that on your blacklist.

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