A Year of Dragon Celebrations

Maybe it’s the fire, cause we all know I’m a pyro.  Maybe it’s the ability to fly, or their grace and beauty, but I’ve always loved dragons.  That I was born in the year of the dragon was my very first birthday gift, and has the added benefit of making me destined for greatness! lol

In celebration of this the year of the dragon and of dragons in general, I’m going to post the long-promised pics of my dragon collection, along with a favorite quote.  I’ll try to post them on the 23rd of each month (Jan 23rd was the Chinese New Year) but I may be off a bit.  It’s a dragons perogative to be fashionably late.

This month’s offering is a pair of dangly dragon earrings that have heretofore had the good manners not to singe my ears.  I’m thinking I got them at a fantasy convention, but since I can’t remember which one, that might be totally wrong.  Maybe the dragons crawled into my suitcase while it skittered through baggage in some forgotten airport, and blurred my memory so I believed I’d bought them.  Who knows?  With dragons you can never be sure.

I’m pairing them with a quote from The Hobbit, because I’m farily certain Tolkien and Smaug were my first introduction to dragons.

“Bilbo was now beginning to feel really uncomfortable. Whenever Smaug’s roving eye, seeking for him in the shadows, flashed across him, he trembled, and an accountable desire seized hold of him to rush out and reveal himself and tell all the truth to Smaug. In fact he was in grievous danger of coming under the dragon-spell.”

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