What Were Those Warning Signs Again?

Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I’m addicted to hatching.

That’s probably how I should introduce myself!  We had two weeks without anything hatching, and it seriously felt like several months.  I kept thinking I should go peek in an incubator to see how chicks and keets were coming along, only to have that bummer feeling you get when you open the fridge and someone ate the last of the chocolate mousse before you got to it!  In fact, I had to go get some keets from Raleigh (an hour drive away) to tie myself over.  Here I am beguiling the parents with a favorite grass, in hopes that they’ll come home, too.

They didn’t buy it. 😀  And, really, I went to get the keets cause they will hopefully be bronzes when they grow up, and we need the genetic diversity in our flock, and we’re planning to get a few more guineas anyway for the tick control…you hear that voice?  I think it’s the sound of an enabler. 😉

But today we had a hatch, so I got my fix er, I mean fill and won’t have to go begging other people’s baby birds.  Two sweet little silkies out so far, chattering and cheeping to encourage their buddies.

And, really, who could deny a face like that?

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