Pumpkin Pops!

Who says you can’t have a perfect scorching-summer treat while enjoying a little of fall’s cool flavors?  And who says you can’t get a little fun ‘research’ in and count it work?  Here’s my answer to both–pumpkin pie popsicles!

I found the recipe I started with at Kitchen Corners but of course I had to mess with it a bit.  For one thing, this recipe only calls for cinnamon, but I included all my favorite pie spices.

For another, after making up half the pops and tasting the pumpkin portion…we added two tablespoons of sugar to the pumpkin mix.  Not so healthy, but much tastier!  And anyway, I don’t think anything which is 1/3rd heavy whipping cream can claim to be healthy!

We had enough mix for a full contingent of mini pops, plus a few extras!  We added blueberries to a couple (jury’s still out on those) and mashed up graham crackers for a ‘crust’ that was a big hit!  What was most surprising was how easy they were–the hardest part was fitting them in the freezer! lol

Happy summer deliciousness!

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