Chocolate Chicken Eggs!!!

Remember way back in the spring when I blogged about our new adorable little penguin chicks?  Turns out I was wrong about them, and can let my zoo license lapse…at least for a few months.  Those lovely babies have grown into gracious Black Copper Marns chickens.  In this photo you see one of our roos, Hot Fudge, and beside him his sweet girl, Caramello.  Behind them, drinking from the bucket, are Nestle and Cocoa.  Nestle is the cleverest, but Cocoa is smart enough to follow her lead!

As you just might have guessed from the caffeinated nature of their names, this bunch (with the rest the flock) are responsible for our chocolate egg!

Here’s a shot of it, next to a creamy white silkie egg.

Doesn’t it look delightful?  Makes me want to crack it open…just to make sure it’s not chocolate!

Oops.  Guess that’s a no.

In truth, I needed to crack them open to see if they boys are doing their job and giving us fertile eggs.  And that was the only reason, I swear!  Unfortunately, I’m not sure the chickens believe me…

Why don’t they want me to hear what they’re saying?  Should I be scared?

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