The Sad, Sorry Story of a Hen-pecked Cat

Maybe it was all the times we squirted her if she looked cross-eyed at the chicks.  Maybe she’s counted and realized the barnyard birds outnumber her one hundred to one.  Whatever it is, our cat has decided to gracefully give ground when the guineas come looking for her food–and they’re always looking for her food!

I’ve tried hiding her dish, or setting it up high in the barn, and that works okay but they always track her down eventually.  Since guineas don’t like to be confined and are cautious of new spaces, I tried feeding her in a dog crate.  I left the door open so she wouldn’t feel trappped.

I think instead she felt like the guy in the cage with the sharks circling.

And it didn’t work, anyway.

I just discovered another way to catch guineas.

So now I’m feeding the cat early in the morning, before the guineas are out, and late at night after they’ve gone to bed.  But all the same, the cat has given it serious consideration and decided that the next time I come ’round with a bunch of chicks and a squirt bottle?  She’s going to ignore the squirt bottle.

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