Cats Will Cause the Zombie Apocalypse

And you may already be infected!

The Atlantic: How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy

The article is on the long side, but even if you just skim it’s well worth reading.  Crazy stuff, and of course even crazier when you realize that you’re only resisting the research because protozoa have taken over your brain. 😉


3 comments to Cats Will Cause the Zombie Apocalypse

  • Just occurred to me–I need to rethink my zombie chickens in light of this new info. Love, love, love weird science!

  • Erica

    That’s crazy! So much for my attraction to cats, it’s the bacteria.

    I swear Scott Westerfeld read this article ten years ago and used it to write Peeps (isn’t that his vampire book?), the research is so exact! But he’s like that, always stretching science into novel reality, which is part of why I love him.

    I really want to see a zombie chickens book! At least a short story. Please??

  • Count on it! lol I really can’t wait to explore what I can do with this story–it just has so many possibilities!

    And sounds like there’s another Scott Westerfield book I need to read! 🙂

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