A Successful Comet Sighting!

We went out comet-watching again tonight and finally–finally, finally, finally–we saw it!

And I got a pic!

Not easy to see, but I’m thrilled all the same!  I’ll give you a minute to search the pic and try to spot it, then I’ll give you a couple hints in case you need them.

…letting you look…no need to rush…

Maybe I’ll have an oreo while I wait.  The oreos are supposed to go into an oreo pie for pi day on Thursday, but we needed their energy tonight so a couple of them came along to fuel our comet-watching.

Okay, ready for the first hint?  It’s not the bright light just above and to the right of the moon.

You’re looking again…and you see it!

Or, maybe you don’t.  Here’s your second hint–otherwise known as scaring yourself silly in the dark:

Imagine the silhouette of the trees is a normal hillside, except that there’s a giant furry creature with two dark rounded bear-like ears just poking his head above the horizon to peer down at you.  The moon is to his left, and the comet is directly above his right ear.

See it?  It’s a tiny patch of light just to the left of the photograph’s center, right above the trees.  Isn’t it beautiful?  With the binoculars, we could see its tiny tail and see its little glowing ball.  Such a lovely comet!  And just think–

–in only a million years we’ll get to see it again! lol

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