Craft – Mischief Maker

The polished wood of the desk gleamed in the afternoon light.  A dust mote floated down to rest on a shiny black plaque which read “John Bishop, Principal of Yardly Elementary”.  

Samuel could see the plaque from where he crouched in the custodial closet.  He watched the hall for another count to ten.  When no one came he eased the door open and stepped lightly into the hall.

Across the gleaming tiles.

Into Principal Bishop’s office.  Quickly now he went to the desk and crouched behind it.  His fingers flew over the keyboard and he sang softly, almost inaudibly, as he worked. 

“Little Jack Horner sat in the corner . . .”  He caught his tongue with his teeth.  His fingers continued to work, but with greater caution.

He tapped out a string of eight characters, waited.

His face lit and he laughed softly.  His fingers moved with confidance now. 

He smiled as he finished.  ” . . . what a good boy am I!”

He taped the return key and sprinted out the door.  As he dodged into a side hall and slipped into his classroom seat the alarms began to blare and the rush of running feet filled the halls. 

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