Friday Funny Faceoff

I continue to be fascinated by humor, above and beyond loving that it makes me laugh.  Since I suspect most of you could use a laugh by the end of the week, too, I’m going to share my ‘study’ of all things funny each Friday in a faceoff discussion of the funny stuff that crossed my path this past week.  We’ll see if you agree with the winner I pick!

First up is the always hilarious Josh Alves on Tastes Like Chicken with a very timely cartoon for all the back-to-schoolers out there!

TLC back to school 2013

I met Josh just briefly…I think at SCBWI Nationals a couple years back.  I confess, most of what I recall is that he had these awesome business cards with hilarious cartoons.  I particularly loved the one with a snowman being held up by a dude with a hair dryer!  This particular cartoon gets kudos for the personable doggies and the cute menu!

Next up is an all-time favorite, Will Write For Chocolate created by Debbie Ohi, with a funny strip for all of us that love our books a little too much…and our friends, too!

WWFC Mimi's got too many books

Of course, I know I chose this because it not only made me laugh, it also suggested a fabulous new way I can ‘store’ my books, at least until my friends wise up.  I’ve perfected this process with my kids already.  Their bookshelves have a way of absorbing any books I can’t cram onto mine, whether or not they actually plan to read them!

And while we’re on the subject of a hyper book love, this one got a hearty laugh.
17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand

17 Problems Sword in the Stone packing books

Okay, it was more of a big smile and a tickled feeling inside, but in the language of ‘roflol’ that counts as a laugh, because let’s face it, none of us are really rolling on the floor laughing out loud!

This week (okay, these last few weeks!) everyone has been buzzing about sharknado and shark week, and there’ve been some pretty cute shark cupcakes floating around as a result. These are my favorite, found over on Cakes for Occasions FB page.

Cakes for occasions shark cupcakes

I like the one in the upper right best. Doesn’t he look like he’s daring you to take a bite? “Just try it, man! I’ll rip your lip in half! Oh, wait. There’s already two lips. Well I’ll rip them in thirds!”

Yeah, something like that.

And that brings us to my own contribution–an alligator we ‘met’ at Hilton Head who’s got his own sense of humor, and you’re it!

Alligator w sign ticketing survivors w text

All in all this week’s funny factor rates a 6.2, because I want to see how much funnier it can get if I really start looking.  And the winner is…Tastes Like Chicken’s doggie diner back to school cartoon!  It’s a tough call to make, but this cartoon is timely and soothing on the eyes while still making me laugh.  Congrats to Josh!  I think I’ll put together a snazzy award for you, just to show my appreciation. 🙂

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