A New-Old Obsession

When does research become obsession?  At what point is the To Read pile just too high?  And how did I keep all these books from falling over?

Popcorn Potion research

That last question? I tip-toed.  And I’m listening for the thunderous thump.  As for the others…I don’t think my books can possibly climb too high–but then, research AND obsessing are two of my favorite things about writing!  They’re almost as much fun as the actual writing part. 😀

For me, starting a new novel project (such as this revamp of the Popcorn Potion) begins with a smorgasboard of isolated ideas, snippets of voice, and often the ghostly sense of a new character.  When this chaotic blend begins to coalesce and organize itself, it’s time for me to get to work.

And that means reading.  Writing always begins with reading!  Since this newest project is a middle grade book that may have pink on the cover and will include fairy tale bits and pulled pieces from legends, I get to tap into my personal library of legends, myths and fairy tales.  Those books account for most the bigger tomes in the pic above.  But I’m filling in my research with several volumes from the library, and will turn to online sources, too.  Since I’ve been in boy-mode with NinChicks (just turned in to my agent–woot!) for so long, I picked up some general ‘girl’ books while browsing the library middle grade shelves, and also several of my comps–the books that will be my ‘if you liked her book, you might also like’ recommendations.

And now it’s time to read!

See any books on the table that you’ve read?  Got any to suggest that I’ve missed?

Check out the other blogs particpating in Tween the Weekend for more awesome (as in, additional, but perhaps also more awesome than me?) posts and thanks to the Emblazon group for hosting us!


10 comments to A New-Old Obsession

  • Fun post, Suzanne! I get that glob of ideas in my head that takes time to sort itself out, too, but I love it when that happens. Savvy leaped out at me from your pic. That’s a good one. I’m whipping through the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull right now. It’s awesome to have you join us today!!!

  • Awesome post Suzanne and thanks for joining us on our Tween the Weekend Post! We appreciate your participation. 🙂 I just got done with a Sarah Dessen novel. It was the first one of hers that I’ve read and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But I did. I liked it very much. The title is “Whatever happened to Goodbye.” I would recommend it for tweens, especially those whose parents are going through a divorce. 🙂

  • Research can, indeed, be as fun as the writing part! My latest projects have been scifi and I love watching episodes of “Through the Wormhole” and “How the Universe Works” on the Science Channel, as well as looking up specific things, like neutron stars, for specific info and details I need for my stories. Thanks for joining us on Tween the Weekends — great post!

  • Hi, Suzanne. Thanks so much for stepping in and joining our fun TTW feature. It’s interesting to hear from those outside the group regarding their writing methods and what appeals to them. Savvy and Matilda were both favorite reads for me, so it was good to see them included in your considerable collection. Good luck with your research progress. It can be a rewarding experience, even if it sometimes seems that it’s eating up all the writing time.

  • Great post Suzanne! Ah yes, that pile… ever growing, more and more dangerous as it does. Thankfully, most books I read are on my Kindle and I don’t have to worry about my body being found under a pile I could not keep upright 🙂 I am in the process of reading the Ranger’s Apprentice series and loving it as well as getting great ideas for my second book.

    Thanks for joining us on Tween the Weekends (TTW) today! You’re a great addition.

  • Wow, so many comments! Squee! lol
    Michelle I loved the Fablehaven series! Read it all the way through, as did my son. Really enjoyed the twists he threw in as the kids grew and the series developed.

    Lisa I will look up Whatever Happened to Goodbye! Love that being in research mode lets me read whatever I want. 😉

    Alan I wrote a short story that was scifi (think Firefly) that was published a number of years ago in Hadley Rille Books Ruins antho. Ever since I’ve wanted to return to the characters and do a boy teen scifi treasure-recovery series…your reading/watching list makes me wish I could clone myself and dive into that now!

    Cordelia that is the one problem with research–the lack of writing! But, I suppose it spares me from letting the research go on forever. And Savvy made me sob like a baby! Definitely looking forward to re-reading it. 🙂

    Linda that is one of the best arguments in favor of a kindle I’ve ever heard! Though a part of me is drawn to the drama of being buried in books…I’ll let the reaper know that if I gotta go, that’s how I want it to be. 😉

    Thank you all for coming by and commenting! I’m super excited to do some hopping and check out everyone’s posts!

  • These look like some great MG title ideas. The “Whatever After” looks perfect for my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re so welcome! I actually just finished that one, and it was really cute. I’ll be posting my spotlight–plus Apricot-kitties ‘two claws’ worth–this coming Monday. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting, and tell your daughter to enjoy!

  • I love the title, Popcorn Potion! Just the title would make me pick it up. Matilda is one of my favorites, too! We’re so glad you joined us in posting for Tween the Weekends!

  • Thank you! Hopefully it would make you eat some popcorn, too, and then my character could ‘persuade’ you to go buy her book! lol

    Okay, kidding. 😉 I’m delighted to have found you guys, and look forward to next month!

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