Friday Funny Faceoff the 2nd

Was it just me, or did this week start off really lame?  Tired, gray…okay, I think it was just me.  ‘Cause actually Monday was kinda green and sunshiney, at least around here.  But either way, the good news is–

8.30.13 Monty Python I got better newt w text

And, so did the week!  First we’ve got an awesome cartoon I picked up at Hubspot, that’s perfect for me and all the other tweeps out there who have suddenly discovered that when we twitter, the world tweets back.

8.30.13 Hubspot social media AAA Cartoon

I especially like the guy’s shirt.  In fact, I think I’ll get me one.  Not!

In a nod to this weekend’s last fling campout and feast of s’mores, I had to include TLC’s adorable marshmallow tale of horror.

8.30.13 TLC Marchmallow campfire stories

Mmm, don’t you just want to eat them?  And notice the cute little graham cracker tents in the background!  How do they expect us to resist when they provide everything but the campfire?  Okay, and the chocolate.  But I’ve always got plenty of that on hand!

Speaking of being hungry, this was the cat’s contribution to the week…my cat, if it must be known.

Apricot incubating eggs 2 w text

Sweet, isn’t she?  And so selfless.  Sitting on those eggs, waiting for them to hatch…good thing she lacks the patience to do the job properly.  Prettty sure my chickens would grab pitchforks and revolt if I let her anywhere near their chicks.  I can already hear the thunder of their anger…

Or is that someone else’s rumble I hear?

8.30.13 Pepper Hulk Smash w text

Bet you didn’t know you just had to head out to your garden and you’d get the Big Guy’s autograph, did you?  Of course, you might need some backup.  Especially since he’s not alone–Oscar’s out there, too.

8.30.13 Pepper Oscar the Grouch

But he was waaay too grouchy to have a caption added to his pic.  Which is pretty scary when you realize we’re comparing him to Hulk in full smash mode.

Kudos to the young man who put these awesome peppers together!  I have him to thank for inspiring me to pull out my Strawberry Man, and a bit of photoshop spit and polish later, we have the all new fantastic Ladies and Gentlemen brought to you for the very first time–

#FFF award!

FFF Berry Funny Big copy

Last week’s FFF went to Taste’s Like Chicken, you’ll recall, so hopefully Josh will remember to come by and pick it up.  And this week’s goes to–


The Pinkston family’s Hulk, Smash! pepper.  I just can’t resist him!  Please grab your award and stick it on your blog…or print it off and glue it to your forehead.  Whichever works. 😉

FFF Berry Funny Small copy

Thanks to all for making my week a bit better, and please share any funny pics, videos or images you come across during this next week so they can help make next week a little better!

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