Howling at the Meanies

What is the deal with Halloween–what does it mean to you?  Is it the chance to eat so much candy you’ll be up in the middle of the night wishing you could puke?  Only to sneak into your younger brother’s room and start on his?


Or do you spend weeks figuring out (and better yet, sewing!) the fabulous costume with which you will transform yourself?  Maybe you’ll dress-up as a joke, and enjoy laughs all night.  Or, maybe you’ll go in a darker direction and become a villain for the evening.  As Bellatrix Lestrange I had a good time practicing my curses!

Bellatrix Lestrange (me)

Dressing up–and acting out–can work just as well when applied to pumpkins.  I love to make ours interactive in some way, though I’m not sure the little guy on the right is having fun anymore.

Pumpkin Fight 2010

Whatever your reason, my guess is there’s a healthy dose of imagination to your Halloween.  And, along with that, a chance to laugh at things you wouldn’t normally.  Which might be why Halloween is such a favorite of mine.  If you look at the list we’ve created:

  • Role-playing and/or getting out of your skin and into someone else’s
  • Creative expression
  • New experiences
  • Facing your fears in a safe way, often with humor

That looks a lot like the reasons we read, and the reasons I write, as well!  The candy is just a bonus–but one I won’t say no too. 😉

High-five for Halloween!

Yarn Puppets

Let me know how you’re embracing your inner October, and enjoy all the Tween posts going up today!



8 comments to Howling at the Meanies

  • Those poor (funny) pumpkins! You make one mean lovely Bellatrix, lady :D.

  • Haha thanks! On both counts. 😉 Didn’t we agree that the next time I dress up as Bellatrix, you should go as my sister, Narcisa? Or did that convo just happen in my head?

  • Great pumpkins and costume. I’m not one for dressing up, but I love seeing all the kids costumes. Handing out candy is one of my favorite things about Halloween. :). Thanks for stopping by my website. 🙂

  • Sure thing! And, you know, I’ve never been in a situation where I could pass out candy. I was always either walking around with our little kids, or in the country where kids don’t trick or treat ’cause it’s too far from house to house. I guess that’s something to look forward to in another place or stage of life!

  • Halloween was a huge favorite as a kid, when mom bought and passed out the candy and I just had to come up with a costume for myself. I loved it! Now it’s bottoms on my list. My kids don’t seem to have amy imagination and want ME to come up with costumes. Which I don’t. So an hour before trick-or-treating they’re frantically scrounging through the linens. Ugh! And did it rain on me every year? I don’t remember that, but it sure does now. Maybe I’m just getting old, lol.

    LOVE the Bellatrix costume!

  • Suzanne – I think you had more fun setting up all those photos for your post! LOL! I have to agree with Michelle, you rock the Bellatrix outfit! We live in the country, so we get nobody here. I kinda miss the ‘energy’ of Halloween, and seeing the kiddies skittle across the streets with their yummy booty! Cheers for a treat of a post!

  • Thank you! Truth is…I suspect I had a little too much fun as Bellatrix, though I tried not to scare any little kids. 😉 “Crucio!”

    I know what you mean, Michelle, about Halloween as a kid or Halloween as an adult. Some years it’s hard to come up with the energy, and some years I really don’t! But, I still love the abandon with which nonsense and imagination are embraced by kids and adults alike. 😀

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