Flash Friday–For the Love of Dentist

So I’m cheating just a bit and jumping off my own assigned Flash topic, found here.  You see, my dentist sent me a bill asking me to pay $400 for a crown I don’t have yet.  I’m supposed to have it–they did the crown prep two+ months ago, but I’ve been busy and putting off yet another dental trip, so I hadn’t gone back for the permanent crown.  Hat tip to the dentist, thought, ’cause if I’m going to pay for it anyway I’ll trot my bod in there and get the stupid thing stuck in my mouth.

Guess how many crowns this is for me?

big 9

That’s right–this makes nine.  I have my own royal baseball team!  I feel so lucky.  I’ll bet you’re jealous, and wish you had a baseball team you could name The Royal Crushers, too!

In honor of this happy occasion and my deep joy in going to the dentist, I wrote my flash piece with nothing but love.


My Dental Adoration

I sat down in the long chair and relaxed against the head rest.  The hygienist swung the light over, and without being asked I opened my mouth so she could take a look at my teeth.  I knew exactly what she’d find—27 perfect white pearls, champions amongst teeth, and one cracked loser.  Maybe I’d always chewed my candy on that tooth, or tucked my cough drops next to it.  But probably not.  More likely it was born weaker than the rest, with soft enamel that couldn’t withstand an invasion of bacteria and plaque.  As soon as I realized what I had–a pitted cavity of decay–I rushed in here and demanded they get to work.  Soon they would fix it, though.  I would feel the tiny prick of the needle, then pressure and the soothing sensation of numbness.  Then the dentist would start up his drill and get to work.  I couldn’t wait.

Feels you with warm fuzzies, doesn’t it?  Stop by the Flash Friday main page for our other participants in this week’s blog hop, and remember to blow a kiss to your dentist today!

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