Flash Friday: Hungering for Black Friday Reality TV

Hello, folks.  This is John with KUTV and we’re here to interview a young lady who hopes to be the next reality star of ‘So You Think You Can Shop.’  Say Hello, Kierstie.

Camera pans to teen girl with pixie blonde hair, dressed in jeggings, running shoes, and a tunic top.

“Um, Hi,” Kierstie says, and gives a little wave to the camera.

“So, Kierstie,” John says.  “What do you think your chances are of winning So You Think You Can Shop?  What training have you done to prepare yourself?”

Kierstie moves a hand as if to push her hair back, then drops it.  “Well, I’ve been shopping with my mom and aunts since I was a toddler, and they brought me with because I was actually a help instead of a pain.  They trained me to wiggle inside the racks and find clothes that had been pushed away or hidden, and I knew just when to cry so a manager would open a new checkout line and take us first.”

“Wow,” John says.  “You could do that when you were two?  That seems a little extreme.”

Kierstie shrugs.  “Maybe, but it got me here, didn’t it?”

John glances toward the doors to the supermarket.  “I see we’re almost ready to start, but before we leave you to your competition, Kierstie, I’d like you to tell us about your clothes.”

Kierstie nods, and waves a hand at her shoes.  “The most important thing is to wear comfortable shoes, that are practical and will hold up all day without fuss or distractions.  I chose these barefoot running shoes because wearing them and my jeggings I can try jeans on without taking anything off.  The rules say you have to try the clothes on, so by cutting down the time it takes to do that I give myself an edge.”

“Excellent,” John says.  “And good luck, Kierstie.  We’ll look for you in the circle of finalists!”

John faced the camera.  “As you can see, folks, we’ve got quite the crowd ready for today’s kickoff of So You Think You Can Shop.  Hundreds of hopefuls have gathered, but only ten will make it to the final rounds.  Can you pick who will make it?”

Camera pans to crowd as doors begin to open


Aaand that’s it, my Flash Friday post on Black Friday.  What do you think?  Would a Black Friday reality tv show be funny and entertaining, or do you find the idea sickening?

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