Flash Friday: Oh the Woes of a Sleeping Bum

This what comes from the middle school writing club having been cancelled for three weeks in a row.  When we finally got together again yesterday and sat down to write our Flash Friday pieces…well, let’s just say, sillyness reigned and fun was had!  I blame all of that tween energy for this piece.

The topic was ‘Show someone fighting for freedom’ and we tweaked that to include someone trapped.

Oh the Woes of a Sleeping Bum

I’ve been sitting in this desk chair so long my bum has fallen asleep.  It’s snoozing down there, and since it’s rather a loud sleeper I’m terrified that any minute it will start snoring and the people around me will think I’m farting.  Then Mrs. Kerdoodle will think I’m being intentionally rude, and tell me to march myself down to the Principals office.  Except, how am I supposed to march anywhere with a sleeping behind?  Maybe I could use my arms to drag myself across the floor, but Mrs. Kerdoodle is sure to think I’m faking and give me even more detention.  I could slap my bum awake, but I can’t really reach it.  If only I could get up!  But, I’m trapped here, and the only solution I can think of is to go to sleep all over, and hopefully if Mrs. Kerdoodle sends me to the Principals office I can sleep walk down there.  I know it’s bad to sleep in school, but where my butt has gone, the rest of me must follow.

Does any part of your body ever fall asleep on you?  My legs do it constantly, which makes it hard to look graceful when getting up from my chair.  But, I think having a nose or some other part fall asleep would be so much more interesting!

Our very own Rebecca Blevins wrote a post on the benefits of Flash pieces, to be found here on the Author’s Think Tank.  Whip up one of your own, and join us for the blog hop!

Lastly…I leave you with a fluffy chicken butt.  Because I can.


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