Flash Friday: Ode to the Toad

Today’s Flash Friday post was inspired by this valentine, which I put together when a certain frog came calling this past summer and found our toad statue an irresistible place to sit and sun.


There’s something about the frog’s (or, more likely, toad’s) expression, as he sits on a giant statue of himself…it captured my fancy.  So this, Mr. Toad, is for you.

Frogs and toads,

we are so bold

as we hop about your flowers.

You think we’re cold

and yet I’m told

you listen to us for hours.

Slippery dreams

Slimy things,

for these you do not care.

But in my heart

I know you do,

or why would you sit and stare?

Happy Valentine’s Day, to every creature great or small!  I know many of my friends on the east coast are snowed in, but keep an eye on the Flash Friday linky through the day in case anyone else has a chance to pop up a post. 🙂

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