Ice Storm Pics, aka Is That Tree Supposed to Grow Upside Down?

Pretty sure this was my first ‘for reals’ ice storm, but if not, it was certainly the one that will loom largest in memory.  It’s not just the flooded basement (that happens every few years) or the loss of internet and power blips, cause those are also reasonably common.  Pretty sure it was the juxtaposition of gorgeous, ice-coated trees, like these,

Ice Storm forest of ice

and this,

Ice Storm tree closeup

with the groaning crack of trees splintering so loud we could hear them through closed doors and windows.  Also the thudding thump of branches hitting the house when they broke off and came crashing down–that was pretty memorable, too.

Thankfully we sustained no real damage, and our chickens were smart enough to stay away from doors and windows, so they weathered the storm fine.  The next time you’re involved in a safety drill, look to your chicken leader and you’ll be just fine.

Driving out this morning was enlightening, though, and helped us understand why so many were without power. Check out this tree which was spotted not five minutes from our house.  Yes, it’s upside down hanging from a power line.

Ice Storm tree upside down

Makes you want to take up tree watching the next time a big storm rolls through, no?  Catching the moment when it came to be like this would constitute a new style of ‘wildlife’ photography!

And it must have been quite the show.  As we continued on our way, we passed the chopped off remains from dozens of trees which had fallen across the road.  This one was still sticking out across both lanes, probably because cars were able to drive under it.  Not sure if it’s been tested on a big truck yet.

Ice Storm tree across road

Being a lover of big, gorgeous trees with spreading branches, it was painful to see the trees that were ripped in half, like this one.

Ice Storm split oak

So I’m grateful we lost only branches and small trees, with nothing crashing through our roof.  And the next time a northerner scoffs at the southern winters and our ‘silly’ concerns about ice storms, I’m going to thumb my nose at them and may also blow a raspberry.  That’ll put them in their place. 😉

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