Pumpkin Pie…selfies?

As I got the kids up and moving this morning, I debated what to write for my Flash piece today.  Obviously something pie-ful, but what exactly?  Then I happened to notice my cell wasn’t where I put it last night…in fact, it was all the way in the kitchen, which was odd because I always stick it in the drawer of my bedside table.

So I picked it up, and knew as soon as I saw the surprise pics left on it last night that I had today’s flash inspiration.  Because apparently that sweet, innocent looking mini-pie I put to bed last night got back up during the night and enjoyed some midnight shenanigans!  This is the little pie’s story, told in its own words.

I waited til the house was quiet, then slid on my bottom to the edge of the refrigerator shelf, and dropped silently to the flat space in front of the door.  Okay, not quite silently, but it would have been if that oafish bottle of spaghetti sauce hadn’t stuck his shoulder out at just the wrong minute.

Gently I pushed on the long stick of beef jerky I’d wedged in the fridge door last night, and–pop!  The door swung open.  Then it was one long hop, and I was on the kitchen counter.

I looked around, and there was the cellphone, as arranged.  I gave mental thanks to the pasta for coming through on their end of our deal and retrieving it for me, then got to work.

My first selfie would have been great…except the camera shifted at the last minute and I cut half of myself off.

Pie Day pic 1

The second was pretty good as far as composition goes, but the exposure was all wrong.  I began to worry that I’d never get it right!

Pie Day pic 2

I flipped through the camera settings, trying to get everything perfect, and ignored the nagging voice in my head that said the big pie was right–she’d never choose itty-bitty me for her pie day celebration.  She’d go with something ‘significant’ like him.  I was determined to prove him wrong, so I pushed on with my plan.  When she saw these pics, she’d find me irresistible and I would get to do the honors on this, the most important day for pies all year!

Just as I finished adjusting the settings, a door creaked somewhere in the house.  I had to hurry.  The first rule of Food is never be seen, so I had to be back in the fridge before anyone discovered me.

All the same, I wasn’t going to rush this pic.  The last thing I wanted was a blurry selfie!  So, I set up the camera, rolled a few inches away from it, put on my most glowing look, and snapped the pic.

Pie Day pic 3

It turned out perfect.

Best of all, I was back in the fridge and sitting innocently on my shelf hours before anyone was up.  Yeah, there was no question about it–this Pie Day belonged to me!

What do you think?  Will it work?  Based on the hungry feeling I get when I see these pics, I’m thinking it will.  Happy Pie (pi!) Day!  Enjoy any pies that come your way today, and remember to check out our linky and see what other pie inspired posts we get!

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