What would a modern day Mars look like?

Anyone who’s read the Percy Jackson books will remember Ares, the bullying biker god of war.  All well and good, but I think if Mars were walking down the streets of New York, he’d be a little less obvious and a lot more effective if he took a different form.  After all, some of the most destructive minds have hidden behind a smooth facade.

See what I mean?


So today’s flash fiction, which is in honor of March, Mars’ namesake month, will be my interpretation of modern day Mars.  But, before we get to that, I want to point you toward my blog post that went up on the Cabinet of Curiosities this week, in which I discuss how my writing is inspired by play.  No, not a drop of irony there. 😉

On to Mars!

Mars straightened his necktie and smooth down the collar of his shirt.  His reflection showed a man as urbane as they came, polished and sophisticated.  He ran a hand over his jaw, removing the tiny traces of hair that a normal shave couldn’t catch.

He nodded to himself, picked up his lightweight leather briefcase, and strolled out of his Park Avenue penthouse suite.  The elevator waited for him, and when he stepped in, his bellhop pushed the button to send it down to the street level.

Stepping out into the marbled  foyer, he gave the pretty blonde receptionist a nod and a smile that he knew would have her texting her friends before he reached the doors of the conference room.  Of course, tomorrow he’d cut her flat, but she didn’t know that yet, and her not knowing that gave them both pleasure.

As he stepped into the conference room the men (and one woman) surrounding the table stood.  Based on appearances, they were all older than him, but these were not the kind of individuals who were fooled by appearances.  They’d been hand-picked from all over the world, and represented the pivotal people able to destabilize their countries.

Mars strolled to the end of the table, enjoying the gathering sense of anticipation—mingling greed and dread—as he passed and took his seat.  He savored the moment.  For years, centuries really, he’d worked to carefully build up certain nations until they were so entitled and privileged they were almost completely cut off from the grit and determination they’d used on their climb out of the bogs and muddy cabins.  The other nations he worked to thwart, to frustrate and grind into the ground.  Wherever possible he placed those countries side by side, to increase the disparity and build up hatred and flame their resentment.  Now, finally, he had the world poised.  As he destabilized each country, the poor and downtrodden would flood into the world of the privileged, and they would all drown in the carnage.

“My friends,” he said, setting his briefcase on the table.  “The world awaits, and is ripe for chaos.  Let us begin.”

He kind of reminds me of someone–but I’d best not go digging into who, or I might unearth an old boyfriend that was a little too suave for his own good.  Of course, I would never immortalize someone from my past as a villain.  Absolutely not.  Ever.  No matter how tempting.

Or, would I? 😉

Join me in a flash fiction hop, and look for new prompts on the linky page here!  Or if you’re into contests and never get enough of flash, there’s a great collection of flash prompts, contests, and community here on the mother of all Flash Friday!

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