Next (Movie)

Another great film adaptaion of a story by Philip K. Dick, and true to the writers incredible ability to see a story’s myriad possiblities and let them all play out in and around the core of the plot.

Next, starring Nicolas CageJulianne Moore, and Jessica Biel,is the story of a man cursed with the ability to see two minutes into his own future, and the national security crisis that hinges on his ability to use his gift effectively.

I found it fascinating, provocative, riveting.  The ‘sappy’ lines were delivered well, the action sequences made good use of timing to keep the tension up, the creative concept (by Philip Dick) was well thought out and well executed.  Some will protest the twist ending, but it worked for me.

A thoroughly enjoyable show–I give it two thumbs up.

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  • Have you read the original short story? If not, I highly recommend the Philip K. Dick Reader. Great book.

    The story is very, very different from what the film looks like, and is very scary. Dick’s movies work well if they have a talented screen writer behind them. If not, well, they end up like Paycheck.

  • I just brought home two of his novels which I’m excited to read. The first (I just started) is Vulcan’s Hammer. I’ll be sure to put up my take on it when I’m done.

    I’ll have to check out the Reader (am I correct in assuming that’s a short-story collection?) next. Thanks for the tip!

  • It’s a great book. You’re right, it’s a collection. In the original story, “Next” doesn’t refer to the creature’s ability to see into the future, it refers to which species will be dominated “next”… after humans…

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