Me, my paradise is a lovely little two bedroom place on Hilton Head Island, that’s built over and around the wetlands, with trees growing up through the boardwalk and a beach waiting for you to collapse onto.

Beach surfwatch sunrise 2012

We’ve still got weeks to go before we get there…but I can almost taste the salt breeze, and smell the sunscreen.  Today’s post was prompted by all of that, and wanting to be there.

I clicked through the images we were choosing from for the new ad campaign, but my mind was elsewhere.  Only three more days.  Then I’d scramble through a day of travel, and sink my feet into sand so soft they’d forget they’d ever worn a pair of pumps.  The sun, kissing my skin.  The blue, rolling waves stretching as far as the eye could see.

Ahh, it was hopeless.  Why couldn’t I be working on an ad campaign for exotic ocean escapes, instead of some stupid blah blah about a carbon filter system that would ‘revolutionize’ your office break room.  I pulled out the list I’d been working on during this morning’s commute.  I really didn’t care–after all, I couldn’t forget to bring the sand and the waves–but it was something to do.

The first item on the list was:

  • Umbrella/Tent, so I smiled and scrawled next to it with wobbly posts.

That looked about right, so I went on down the list, adding the ‘missing bits’ that were an essential part of a good beach vacation.

  • Beach Chair–uneven legs
  • Kite–extra snarled string
  • Frisbee–no holes
  • Boogie board–full of sand
  • Sand toys–of dragon design
  • Sunscreen–specially scented for attracting gnats
  • Towels–preferably wet
  • Bottled water–unsalted

Jayne, my boss, spoke behind me.  “You’ve chosen an image and moved on to the soundbite?  Excellent, what have you got so far?”

I jumped a little, and swiveled in my chair so my body hid the list.  “Water–unsalted,” I blurted.

Jayne nodded.  “Not bad.  In fact, I kind of like it.  Do a mock up of where that could go on the image, and bring it to this afternoon’s meeting.”

I nodded, and held in my sigh of relief til Jayne had moved on down the hall.  Then I tucked my list firmly in my purse, and turned back to my computer.  I wasn’t at the beach yet, but maybe I could channel my longing into this ad and get it wrapped up before I left.  It was only three more days.

What is on your ‘must have’ packing list for a beach vacation?  Maybe I can add it to ours, and by so doing feel I’m one step closer to burying my toes in the sand. 😉

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