What does it take to get you out of bed?

It’s funny, last month when I turned the calender over to show May I groaned, as it seemed every square was already triple-booked.  This month, June doesn’t look so bad…but what’s not on there is all the stuff that got pushed off from May onto June, plus the good things (like new writing projects and rewrites of old!) that don’t get put on the calender but still impact my daily To Do.  Still, I’d rather be busy with life than sleeping and, well, dead.  Wouldn’t you?  And therein lies the inspiration behind today’s post. 😀

“Get up.”  My familiar, Jorge, slunk around me, his scaly body brushing against my skin.

I groaned–if you could even call it a groan, given how quiet it was, and answered him in my mind, thereby saving energy.  “I’m too tired.  Literally too tired.  I couldn’t possibly get up, no matter what you offered me.”

Jorge paused in the act of flicking his paws through my hair, building up a static charge.  On a normal day, that alone would have been enough to get me out of bed, as there is nothing more irritating to a water witch than static in her hair.  But last night, my Master had us up all night trying to scoop moonlight with slitted leaves, and even Jorge’s worst static ball–or, for that matter, promises of riches and magic beyond my wildest dreams–couldn’t influence me in the slightest.

“You refuse to get up, do you?” Jorge said, his tone whispering alarm to my somnolent brain.  “You are a water witch.  And you’re getting very, very tiny.  Shrinking so small, in fact”–his voice hissed lower–“that you are just the size of a mouse.”

I twitched, alarm growing as I felt myself succumbing to his enchanted suggestion.

“A rather watery mouse,” Jorge went on.  “And I am the ancient Fire Cat of legend!”  With a woosh and a yowl, he transformed into a blazing feline beast, more demon spawn than mortal animal.

I shrieked a squeak, and propelled myself from the bed, shaking off the influence of his whispered spell as I did.

“Oh, good, you’re up.”  Jorge damped the fires, but remained in cat shape.  He curled up in the center of the warm bed, tucking himself into the impression I’d left.  He cocked a sleepy eye my direction.  “You don’t mind, do you?  I’ll just keep it warm for you.”  And closing his eyes, he went to sleep.

I hope you’re having a lovely, lazy Friday and that your weekend plans are the perfect balance between busy and delightfully restful!

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