Raising a Storm

It’s often said that raising bright, inquisitive kids comes with its own challenges.  After all, the quicker their minds, the faster they out think their tired parents–and any rules you set, right?  How much harder would it be, then, to raise kids with powers and abilities beyond the norm?  Rather challenging, I suspect.  Since I’m playing with concepts such as that in my new WIP, I thought it would be fun if today’s flash piece reflected that.  Enjoy!

 Teo kicked his fat legs against the wet concrete-smack, smack, smack!  The sound was satisfying, but didn’t fully express his frustration.

Why did they have to be so stupid?  Who cared about eating food, when the pool was right there and asking so nicely for him to come play in it?  They were just dummies.

He smacked his heel down, extra hard, and a tiny puddle of water splattered into the air.  Droplets hit his face and rained down on his skin, and for a moment, he smiled.

Then it was back to hot sun, and no water to play in.

He steamed in the hot sun, getting angrier and angrier.  The sweat poured off him, leaving him feeling even more deprived of water.  He panted, and when he wasn’t panting, he fussed.  If only he could call them all the names he really wanted to, but he could find the words.

The–the big heads!  The water haters!  He smacked his food down, as hard as he could, in the tiny bit of water still at his feet.

The water splashed up, but there was less of it this time.  The sun beat down on it, and the water warmed itself to the sun and transformed, becoming a fat cluster of water vapor.

Teo stared at it in awe, and as it floated up toward the sky, he grabbed hold of it and floated with it.  He’d transformed, too!

As a small storm cloud, he floated toward his family’s picnic, set up in the grass beside the pool.  He rumbled a laugh as he watched them scramble in alarm to cover the food and put away their things.

“Someone grab Teo,” his mother said.  “He’s right…”  She trailed off, then ran to where Teo had been sitting by the wall.  “Teo!  Teo!”  He mother looked around desperately, then her eyes fixed on the rumbling little cloud.  “Oh, my heavens,” she said, pushing her hair out of her face.  “What are we going to do now?”

There you have it, a really…fun kid to raise! lol  Here’s a pic that was in the back of my mind as I wrote it.  Not at the pool, of course, but a lovely storm brewing over tide water.


Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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