Attack of the Pair-a-noids

I’m still running a bit behind after my trip to the dentist yesterday afternoon, in which I picked up a crown for my broken tooth.  Because I’ve heard crowns are quite comforting when a tooth is broken. 😉

But I always have time for a little paranoia, right?  And that’s what this week’s prompt is all about, with a bonus if it involves a fruit or vegetable.  So, here you go!

Banana cleared his throat, and tried again.  “Hey, Apple.”

“Not bad,” Peach said.  “It’s almost annoying enough.  But you still haven’t got Orange’s little whine–that buzz at the top that makes you want to slap him.”

“Or send him rolling off the counter, if you’re Apple,” Banana chuckled.  “Alright, how’s this?  ‘Hey, Apple.'”

“Wow, that was perfect!” Peach cried.  “Okay, here he comes.  Quick, behind the fruit bowl!”

The two crouched behind the fruit bowl, while Peach carefully checked his orange suit to make sure he had it zipped up tight.  Banana added a tiny sprinkle of brown dust to his right shoulder, so he was more evenly coated.

Apple rolled along, humming softly to himself.  Life had been good for him, since Orange had that unfortunate accident and wound up on the compost bin.  Yep, he was feeling so good, he might even try a little hop.

Just as he picked up speed and committed to the hop, Orange–really Peach–came rolling out from behind the fruit bowl.  In his dusting of grey and with his weird Peach eyes looking out of an Orange suit, he looked just like a poor zombie fruit that had somehow dragged his rotting corpse in off the compost.

“Heeey, Appple,” Banana intoned, from his hiding spot.

Apple let out a shriek and tried to leap away from Peach-Orange, but he was already committed to his hop.  All he succeeded in doing was a roll.

And he kept rolling.

Right off the counter.

Banana and Peach stood at the edge of the counter, staring down at the splat that was Apple, below.  “Do you think we went too far?” Banana asked.

“Naw,” Peach answered.  “He’ll be fine.”  He turned away.  “Come on, let’s go see if we can make the Strawberry Sisters scream!”

Oh, the drama of the fruit bin.  Bet you never knew how your apple wound up bruised, did you? 😉  Happy Friday, and have a great week!

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