To moms, and stories!

I made a conscious decision yesterday to wait til next week for my MMGM post.  Otherwise it was going to be a tossed together affair, more of a shout out than a spotlight, and it deserved better.  Instead, I hungout with my family, ate chocolate truffles, and wished I took care of the small ant problem in the master bath on Saturday.

However, I did also watch Big Hero 6, so in honor of that accomplishment, and the delightful story it is, I give you this image of Baymax and the, erm, hairy baby.

To my mind, moms and story telling go hand in hand.  And, somehow…this image also fits with all that.  Perhaps it’s the satisfied look on the kitty’s face, or the echo of hours of reading to my kids while they sat in my lap, when they were small.  So, here’s to moms and stories!

Have a great week, and see you next Monday!

2 comments to To moms, and stories!

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Suzanne. Sounds like you had a lovely day. No worries about the MMGM post. It’s way more important to hang out with your family. Chocolate truffles, yum! My sons gave me chocolate-covered strawberries. 🙂

    I often write blog posts weeks ahead of time, so I can relax on Sunday!

    Hope you get your ant problem fixed. Ack!

  • Thanks, Joanne! I aspire both to be that far ahead on posts…and to obtain some chocolate-covered strawberries. Pronto. 😉

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