Fuzzy Martial Arts Moment

I got a phone call this afternoon from a lady in charge of a girls camp not too far from here.  I taught a self-defense clinic to the girls last year, and they were calling to see if I’d be willing to do it again.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able too.  The camp conincides with other commitments, but it was gratifying to hear I was ‘overwhelmingly requested’ by the girls.

Of course, that may be mean I was too easy on them…

Maybe next time I’ll make them do push-ups. 😉

2 comments to Fuzzy Martial Arts Moment

  • Hi Suanne–

    I think it is really interesting that you taught self defense at a summer camp. I might have an interesting interactive opportunity for you. ABC would love to hear about your experience.

    ABC News wants to hear your memories of summer camp!

    Send in your video comment (with camp photos if possible) and your story might be shown on our broadband channel. We want to hear real stories from real campers/instructors—the happy times and the horror stories.

    It’s easy to send in your video submission via camcorder, cell phone or computer cam:


  • Hmmm, I’ll have to give this some thought. Not sure if I have any photos, but there might be some.

    Thanks for thinking of me, at any rate. 🙂

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