Where Will Life Take You?

I was recently chatting with a friend, discussing wander lust, and wondering why mine isn’t quite as bad as it used to be.  Then it hit me–I live vicariously through my characters, and so get to explore fantastic worlds and enjoy far off adventures on a regular basis!  Such is the joy of being a writer, yes?

You can try new foods without your stomach complaining, sleep on the ground without ever getting a crick in your neck, and get splattered by monster goop without scrubbing for hours.  So, what’s the catch?

To my mind, the catch most often overlooked is that all of the adventure comes from within.  All the wonder has to be found in your own soul.  If your life is too boxed in, too predictable for too long…eventually you may run out of the stuff stories are made from.

Or, perhaps not.  Many an amazing tale has been told by an author who never traveled far, who led a quiet life.  However, I find I’m less likely to hit writer’s block if I regularly take time find my wonder and enjoy tiny adventures.  This past week, that was my trying Kimbap for the first time.



It was offered amongst lots of other great dishes at our International Festival, down town.  I was a little nervous, as you can see.  Somewhere in my college years I picked up the expression ‘Oh, no.  Now we’re in deep kimchi’ that did not cast kimchi in a positive light.  And, given that I really don’t like vinegar or anything else that’s been fermented, the cuteness of those little rolls could not hide from me the fact that they held a bit of kimchi at their centers.  However, I’m pleased to say I loved them!  Truly, I did.  In fact, I ate them all and plan to hit my local Korean supermarket for some more sometime soon.

Would the IRS allow me to write that off as writing research?  I really doubt it.  But, for me and my writing process, I know these tiny adventures help my writing and my perspective stay fresh.  They keep me growing, as a person, and give me new insights to explore with my characters.

What’s your take on re-filling the creative well?  Are you a fan of it, or do you find your mind explores on its own, regardless of any outside stimuli?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and any adventures you’ve had of late!  No experience–or food–is too small. 🙂


4 comments to Where Will Life Take You?

  • Yes, I love going on adventures in my own writing and in books that I wouldn’t do in real life. Too bad IRS won’t let you write off your little food adventure.

  • Suzanne Warr

    Ha! Yes, wouldn’t that be nice? Although, I suppose…if writer’s were allowed to write off things like that, we’d soon be writing our entire lives off! lol

  • Kimchi is one of my favorite things–but I’m weird that way. And I’m a fan of these type of “tiny adventures,” which a la The Artist’s Way, I refer to as Artist’s Dates. Thanks for sharing!

  • I can’t claim to be a fan yet, but with my son’s encouragement (he’s living in Seoul and really loves it) I may yet become one. And, you know, I think I have a copy of The Artist’s Way somewhere around here…I really should dig through my books, then read it when I find it. Sounds like it knows what its talking about. 😉

    Thank YOU for commenting! 😀

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