Secret Messages and Coral Castle

I put out an antenae for weirdness tonight and came up with a couple of oddities.

This article on the secret eye of your cell phone I picked up at  The fashion application of this puts me in mind of the Disco Light shirts I mentioned on a previous blog.

I part of my brain keeps trying to come up with something really subversive that could be done with this, but apparently I’m either too tired or too thirties.  Any criminal masterminds out there want to jump in here?

My other find tonight, this floridian coral castle, is much weirder.  It’s got a story (or two, or three,) written all over it.  I’m thinking the next trip south just got a little longer.

2 comments to Secret Messages and Coral Castle

  • I’ve been to coral castle and the strangest things there are the writings of the poor fellow who built the place. He was a man driven and totally paranoid. His self-appointed mission, in addition to constructing this place as an homage to the young girl who broke his heart, was to attempt to help people become “de-fooled” and understand the true state of the world instead of the bunk we are all fed.

    Well, maybe he was not so paranoid after all.

  • Better and better. What of the stuff we’re fed did he consider bunk? There’s lots of options, you know. 😉

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