Craft – Exotic

The baensee wavered in the slight wind, waiting and watching.  Tension rippled from one baensee to another as the sun peeked over the hill.

It was time.  Would she come?

The sun rose higher, blinding the baensee and bringing misty tears.

Then a shadow fell across them, and once again the baensee swayed with emotion.

The girl stood before them, her glossy hair flowing in a single line from the back of her head.  She wore a thick blue covering over her legs which hid the skin but accentuated her shape.  Around her waist was tied a soft, thick cloth, and her chest was wrapped in a brightly colored material which shimmered in the light.

She walked down the hill toward the baensee and a low moan escaped them.  As she drew closer they reached, touched the sparkling bits of metal and stone which dangled from her ears, caressed the fabric of her clothes.

A jangle of music cut through the morning sounds.

The girl pulled a slim, arcane device from her pocket and began speaking.

The baensee drew back, their wavering almost stilled by fear-touched awe.

The girl walked on, followed only by her shadow.

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