Ripply Pictures and Sunny Robots

Reading about the HypoSurface Walls reminded me of watching an interactive, animated, 3D movie, in Disney World.  A screen that can move and stretch would take the ‘make it real’ factor up a notch or two.  Especially if they combined it with a screen that went all the way around the viewer.

These receptionist robots look like giant Lego guys from Mars.  I can’t decide if they’re freaky or fun, but since I’m not taking any trips to Japan this year, I can wait to decide until the purple or pink version comes out.

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  • SMD

    I’ll be honest…I’m freaked out. I had no idea Japan was churning out the types of robots I just got turned on to from this post to YouTube. I’m freaked. The Matrix will be real…

    Of course I’m kidding on the Matrix part, but it’s still rather creepy. I think our first step is to make robots not look like us. The humanoid ones are just…*scary*

  • I’m guessing that they tried to make these functionally humanoid but non-threatening, with the yellow faces and what not. However, black and yellow markings are sometimes danger signals in nature, such as with bees and wasps.

    I wonder if they showed pictoral prototypes to a sample audience? It would probably enhance the robots reception if they made small changes based on audience feedback.

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