New Meaning to Red Eye

Note to self: Red means danger.  Red means stop.  Red means don’t-put-it-in-your-eye.

I have the kind of contacts which soak overnight in a peroxide solution.  They get nicely cleaned, and by morning the peroxide’s neutralized.  Then, I keep a saline solution at hand, and squirt a bit of that in the contacts before putting them in my eyes.  Until this morning.

We’ve been traveling three out of the last five days in a giant circle which took in Great Smokey Mtn. National Park, Mammoth Caves, and DC.  I was tired.  I couldn’t see well (not atypical for someone who has yet to put in their contacts) and the bottles are both white and blue, with similar lettering.

Except, of course, that the peroxide solution has a red tip.  A lovely shade of red which nicely matched my eye once I stopped screaming, got the contact out, and the foaming subsided.

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