Three Weeks, and Gas K.O.

I feel rather like a puffer fish who’s taken in all the water/air he can absorb but must still absorb a bit more.  I have three weeks of classwork left, during which time I’ll also take four of my last finals.  Then it’ll be a bit of mopping up, so to speak, and one last final.  I just have to absorb that little bit more and I can be done.  Alllllmost there…

Of course, then I’ll have three weeks in which to get us packed, moved, and settled in the new house.  But let’s focus on one thing at time.

And we’ve reached another mile-mark.  I’ve been kind of watching over my shoulder for the moment our car broke fifty bucks to gas up.  We might have hit it recently except the tank wasn’t getting all the way to zero.  At any rate, today I put in fifty-two dollars of gas, and we weren’t even on empty pulling into the station.  Hallelujah.  We can now look forward to a monthly budget of over $200 (I have to gas up once a week) and rising in order to run this family from here to neverwhere.

Good thing we’ve got just the one car, I s’pose.

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