Welcoming New-moe and Kin

We’ve made two additions to our reef tank.  One of them, sadly, is a replacement Lawn Mower Blenny.  The old one, Moe, did not survive the somewhat erratic care of those watching our tank while we were away out west for WorldCon and my graduation.  So in a cold turn of the phrase, we have dubbed the new fish New-moe.  Not to be confused with Ne-mo, of course.

Our second fish is a sand-eater, another kind of utility fish.  He is a Yellowheaded Sleeper Gobby, but he answers to Kin, which is Japanese for gold, I understand.

We’re crossing our fingers that these two last.  Our marauding crab, who has been dubbed Ghost, is growing in size and getting bolder.  This was another hitchhiker that caught a ride into the tank on our live rock.  Hopefully some time soon we’ll have the holding tank set up, and can remove his rock to said confinement until further steps can be taken.  He’s still relatively small, but we all know that size is relative.

Down with all feasters on our fish!

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