Best and Worst Divided by Foldable Green

I’ve never actually watched the Emmy’s–nor the Oscar’s, for that matter–but I find it amusing to sometimes click over the red carpet pics and the lists of best and worst dressed.  I find it entertaining because the division between these two lists has always seemed a bit arbitrary.

Look for yourself, and see what I mean.

Heading the best dressed list, we have a fru-fru dress in scorching pink–was she trying to go as a giant tube of lipstick and hope we’d excuse the pun?

Next is banana girl in an outfit kindergartners’ would balk over.  Heck, even teenage boys know better than to dress like this!

Third is a cosmic montage that I personally don’t mind, but is certainly no more tasteful than its worst dressed counterpart.  The biggest difference seems to be how well-poised the star is, and that can vary from photo to photo.

Moving on down the list we’ve got a girl who stood back while they splashed on a bucket of tar, certainly a bold fashion statement, but whether in good taste is debatable. 

Then there’s a girl wrapped in an old funeral home curtain, a woman who’s still attached to the dressmaker’s bolt of cloth, and later on the list, a lovely red dress that looks like a mermaid pulled on a skirt so she could masquerade as human.

Last on the list is a truly stunning cosmic gown on a woman who can’t decide if she’s wearing maternity or not.  Delightful.

But then again, maybe I’m not being fair.  There’s really very little difference between this list and those with the worst dressed woes, but if pressed I’d give the best dressed gals the fashion nod.  After all, maybe they’re just doing the best they can with the material at hand, and it’s the designers who’re cross-eyed, punch-drunk, and desperately passing the green stuff.

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