The Secret Life of Spam

You may not have noticed, but I’ve had quite a crop of spam comments this last day or so.  I didn’t think to keep track, but instead of my usual maybe one a week, at a guess I’d estimate that I’ve had 6-10 just today.  In addition, they where all the kind were just a nonsense string of gobbedly-gook is left.

Now, I’m sure wiser computer heads could tell us why these would be left, and maybe even venture a reason why my blog is suddenly so special, but I know what I believe.

It’s the Great Spam Conspiracy.

You know how in spy movies, or shows like Alias, the undercover agent leaves their message or incriminating film in a common brown bag and drops it in a garbage can while they waltz on by?  Then an agent, or handler, recovers the information with equal aplomb, and the message is securely passed despite all kinds of high-tech preventive measures and protections built up to keep the information from being passed along.

Well, what we think of as spam is really this process taking place on the internet.  An agent drops an incripted message as a comment on some random Joe or Jane’s blog, and that message is quickly read and understood by the agent’s people.  Then perhaps an equally garbled message will be returned using the same method.

This can go on for days, and the blog host is never the wiser. If the messages being passed are extra-sensitive or the code is not known to be secure, than of course the powers that be choose a site which is regularly maintained so the ‘spam’ comments will be quickly deleted.

That means that my blog being chosen is a good sign.  It means I’m now listed as a site where spam will be dealt with quickly, and I can look forward to more of these highly-confidential goobledy-gook ‘spam’ comments to pass over my site and into the eyes and ears of receiving agents.

Lucky me.

6 comments to The Secret Life of Spam

  • LOL! My family is totally addicted to Alias.

    How weird though – I have had my current blog for a year and a half and only got 2-3 spam comments, ever. (Knock on wood…)

  • We watched the first season or two of Alias, and enjoyed it. Then…can’t remember. Just never went back to it. I found it fascinating to see all the different ways they made her look.

    Count yourself lucky on the spam thing. I’m not sure what set them off–or how they choose which post to spam. It’s rather odd.

    Unless you buy my theory. 😉

  • Cindy

    We own all 5 seasons of Alias. Should you want to ever get back to it. In fact, I should really blog about Alias sometime! 😉

  • Lol, you never know, a blog like that could go viral. Alias has quite a following, I understand. You should do it!

  • To maintain the TV show theme, I’d like to propose that it could be more in tune with “My Own Worst Enemy.” Could you possibly be posting the spam when you are in alter-ego mode as a way of sabotaging your good self?

  • Lol. That’s gotta be it–and my alter-ego also does this as a way of generating blogs and comments to try and make the site actually interesting! (She believes I’m boring)

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