Be Prepared (for something)

By tomorrow night I need to be 100% ready for an early morning flight to Yellowstone.  As a sensible individual, I’ve taken some steps to get ready.  My preparations include:

  • An empty suitcase with two items of clothing laid on top.
  • A batch of wet laundry.
  • A tentative confirmation from an untrained friend willing to watch our fish, chickens and cats while we’re gone.
  • An overdue library book waiting patiently on the counter,
  • Oh, and a website that is halfway through its facelift.

Otoh, I had a great time messing with the blog look, and had a fabulous time tearing my WIP apart and planning the next draft.  I plan to continue this trend of preparations until the last moment possible tomorrow.

It’s good to know my priorities can’t be shaken up by a little thing like a plane to catch.

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