Late Night Question: Cats and Lizards

I’m often up relatively late–after midnight, not yet morning–and have kind of random questions.  So, I’ve decided to start a new blog category to deal with these questions.  I’ll toss them out on the blog, and if someone knows the answer, great.  If no one knows the answer, feel free to answer it anyway and maybe we’ll give out prizes each month for the most creative answer.  Who knows?

So, tonight’s question is:

Why would a cat eat a lizard’s tale?

And, yes, they do.  Our tom ate a snippet of blue lizard’s tale just this afternoon.  We’d trapped the lizard in a container (not having any desire to share the master bedroom with Mr. Slinky) and taken it out onto the deck to turn loose.  I tried to restrain the cats–truly I did.  But once they figured out he was just playing dead, they were all over him.

He escaped between two deck boards, or, at least, I’m hoping he did.  Apricot was licking her lips afterwards, but even she can’t eat that fast.  But the lizard lost a small section of blue tail while making good his escape and Shadow slurped it right down.

Very odd.

And he’s normally a quite particular cat.


That’s the true source of their nine lives, and if only we’d eat lizard tail we’d live longer lives?  He thought it would go great with his (green) eyes?  He’s descended from the cats of the Nile and has an age-old hatred of lizards?

That’s tonight’s question.

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