Late Night Question: Weapons

In preparation for a photo shoot that will (hopefully) coincide with a snazzy new look for the blog and web page, I’ve been thinking about weapons, and my weapons of choice.

I’ve trained just a bit in the bo, and loved it.  I’m currently training in two-handed swords.  Otoh, the majority of my five+ years in martial arts has been unarmed, and any other training in my youth was with various firearms.  Unless you count the sticks we used in our mock battles, of course.

Given all that, which one do I personally lean toward?  If I got to choose the weapon for myself and my opponent, what would I choose?

The answer would be a toss-up between unarmed or bo, depending on the size and skills of my opponent.  I’d also need to know if we were fighting to the death, to k.o., or ’til someone yelled uncle.

Since the photo in question will include magic enhancement, a bo becomes a sorceress staff, and I’m struck by how incredibly practical such a weapon would be.  It combines the versatility of a quarterstaff or bo with the long-range reach of a firearm.  Of course, if one runs out of magic, said sorceress had better be very good with her bo or the swordsman might slice the pretty stick in half.

Then again, perhaps the smartest tack would be that taken by many wizards of lore: Use a flash of light and rumble of thunder to scare them away.  If that doesn’t work, out-talk them.  Last resort?  Run.

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