Reef Tank: The Heroes

It’s been a while since I blogged about the reef tank, and since I didn’t think you were all that interested in hearing how many times I’ve sneezed in the last few days (372), or the height of my discarded tissue pile (4’2”), today seemed a good day to blog about our new Flame Angel fish.

Unfortunately, the Flame Angel had a case of nerves and wouldn’t stop fidgeting and sit for his photo.  So, you get one of our Peppermint Shrimp, instead.

This guy is something of a hero in the tank, since he and his buddies took care of a noxious weed known as Aiptasia.  You see him here collecting his just desserts–he’s stolen a bit of fish food and will high-tail it back to his hideout and enjoy a feast.


That green circle (or is it green eggs and ham?) next to him is Sam, of Sam-I-Am fame.  He hangs out on the bottom of the tank and wows all the kids with his bubble-mouth trick.  Never challange Sam to a pie-eating contest–he swallows his whole.

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