Summer Break Hiatus!

I will be on a blogging break the remainder of the summer, aside from the occasional pop in for news or updates. My travels will almost span the continent, and include plenty of adventures in and out of books. 😀 I look forward to seeing you all in August! Have a beautiful, glorious summer, and […]

Feeling Seusseous and My First Curiosity Post

My first post on the Cabinet of Curiosities is up!  Or, maybe it’s almost up.  We’ll see if I correctly communicated with blogger. 😛  I had a fun time writing the post, since it gave me a chance to quote Dr. Seuss.  He’s been an all-time favorite writer of mine my entire life, and I’ve always […]

Exciting News For Exciting Times

I rewrote my query today, and it only took me ten hours!  I think that’s a record.  Which kind I’d probably best not say.  But, it feels good to be finally really and truly heading out on the query trail.  Unlike last year when I went out with my dearly beloved 13 Demon Days, I’m […]

Seven Stylish Secrets

I usually blog on Sundays, but since I sometimes blog on Mondays or even miss a week, today I’m blogging on Friday.  Did that make sense?  Oh, good!  For a minute there I thought my logic had gone bad. The wonderfully stylish and sensational Pat Esden has tapped me for the: Which I’m delighted to […]

What’s Does Wednesday say to Saturday?

A: My blog sat on your blog. Or, so I suspect it will say.  And how do I know Wednesday and Saturday will be in this unique conversation?  Simple.  I’ve decided that it’s time to put the blog on a diet schedule so that it can stop this feast or famine cycle going on.  Perhaps my […]

An Ambitious Fourth Birthday

The blog turned four years old this month–and she learned to tie her shoes, too. Okay, so that last was just silly . . . since, she hasn’t got shoes.  But maybe she could learn to come up with her own tags?  Re-categorize all those posts that never got placed in a category?  Back herself […]

Be Prepared (for something)

By tomorrow night I need to be 100% ready for an early morning flight to Yellowstone.  As a sensible individual, I’ve taken some steps to get ready.  My preparations include: An empty suitcase with two items of clothing laid on top. A batch of wet laundry. A tentative confirmation from an untrained friend willing to […]

What Does a Blog Do For Me as a Writer?

In the same post which anounced his quarter finalist win at wotf, Jordan discussed his take on the pros and cons of blogging as a not-yet-professional writer.  His general take, as I understood it, was that a blog of this kind is not worth the investment, and a couple of his points were that writers should be […]

The Secret Life of Spam

You may not have noticed, but I’ve had quite a crop of spam comments this last day or so.  I didn’t think to keep track, but instead of my usual maybe one a week, at a guess I’d estimate that I’ve had 6-10 just today.  In addition, they where all the kind were just a […]

Apparently, You Might Be a Double Dork

Not sure why that’s up twice.  Excepting the vehemence of my irritation, of course.  And I can’t see how to delete an entire post…but I’ll get it figured out.  Wish I could say the same of my dealings with Dork. Later: Okay, got that fixed, and learned something about my site, too.  Yay me.