Minor Changes to the Blog

Yesterday I spent some time thinking about this blog, its successes and failings, and what the heck I’m going to do with my LJ account and the new Facebook I started. I found some useful tips here, and here.  This one, on good author websites, was perhaps more to the point.  One thing they all seemed […]

Blowing Kisses to the Online World

Yeah, I’m back!  Hello everyone! You may not have missed me, but I’ve been in withdrawal.  We moved over a week ago, and other than one short moment of nauseatingly-slow dial-up internet, I’ve been entirely unplugged.  No emails.  No blogging.  No feedback on writing.  No chatting with online friends. It was an electronic wasteland. The amusing part […]

Blogging Birthday Number Two

Seriously, when I started this thing, I wasn’t sure I’d last two months, let alone two years.  But the habit’s grown on me, and I don’t think I’ve gone for more than a week or two at a time without blogging, even when life threw up its spinach salsa and pickled eggs all over me.  Been noticing […]

Throwing Crumbs to the LJ

I happened to link to my LJ tonight and noticed that it’s been just a few months shy of a year since I last posted there. Uhm…oops. I never intended it to compete with this one, but by any standard of regular blogging, that’s still pathetic.  So I decided to take pity on the poor […]

Happy Birthday Blog

Today is the one year birthday of my blog.  Though I didn’t quite reach my goal of 365 posts (the total today is about 360), I came close enough as never mind. I’ve made friends and discovered weird stuff, posted triumphs and raged against the fly-bites of the universe.  Best of all, I’ve enjoyed it […]

Blogging News and Turtle Stew

Since I’d promised to get up two posts a day, and have utterly failed to do that, I thought I’d throw something up to explain what’s going on.  The problem with getting up posts is tied in with the kids under foot, my mom-in-law staying with us, but most importantly, my back. The good news is that I’ve […]

New Live Journal

I’ve been threatening to start a LJ, mostly so I can sign in when making comments on friends’ journals, and I’ve finally done it. You can visit Pen and Ink Confessions for the occasional post that just doesn’t fit my mood over here.

Blogging Legalities

Jordan recently had a reader start spouting at him and generally hefting the law in his face, so he posted a link to a Legal Guide for Bloggers.  I thought I’d post it here but skip the drama, at least for today. What I find interesting is how often, when faced with someone willing to go […]

Updated Picture

Don’t worry!  I didn’t just stumble into an inkwell of mis-placed time and age five or ten years–I’ve just updated my picture. This one is still a year or two out of date, but at least it’s got me out of the teens look. Or maybe it was twenties.  I swear, young people are looking younger every […]

Blogging For the One-Year-Old B-Day

I noticed last night that I’m approaching the three-hundred-posts mark, and this got me thinking.  Seeing as this blog is the closest thing I’ll ever have to an electronic child, perhaps a celebration of some kind would be in order.  It would be extra memorable if I could have an average of a post a day […]