Shout out for Description, and round up of Middle Grade links

Could that subject/title be any more boring?  Perhaps if I passed out prizes.  Clearly it’s a good thing I’m taking a short break from my summer break to put up a post–if my absence lasted any longer, I’d probably forget where to find my blog!  So far the break has been glorious, however, for reading, […]

Handmade Christmas Craft Roundup

Warning:  This post contains spoilers.  If, after reading below, you suspect that you or your child will be receiving one of the gifts shown, please perform an emergency mind wipe.  If you don’t know how to conduct a mind wipe, consult the men in black. Yarn cats are notoriously camera-shy, so out of the almost […]

Craft – Exotic

The baensee wavered in the slight wind, waiting and watching.  Tension rippled from one baensee to another as the sun peeked over the hill. It was time.  Would she come? The sun rose higher, blinding the baensee and bringing misty tears. Then a shadow fell across them, and once again the baensee swayed with emotion. […]

Craft – Truth wrapped in a Joke

Ryan stopped as he walked by the kitchen door.  Was that the smell of pizza?  He took two steps back, so he could see into the room. In the middle of the table was a box of Meat Lovers pizza.  Kyle sat on the kitchen counter with a large wedge in his hand, while Todd was leaned over the table to get […]

Craft – Show Someone You Don’t Like As an Animal, and What Happens To Them

Vanilla Ice was just beyond kitten, not yet fully cat.  She strolled around the kitchen, stopped for a small sniff at my dish, then moved on with a lift of her nose. I lay quietly under the table; just watching.  Missus had been so sad since Rusty, the old tom, had died.  I was willing to […]

Craft – Someone Being Convinced of the Unbelievable

Sarkin stood quietly in the shadows, watching the table where Emily sat.  The waiter had come and gone twice.  Emily had cut a piece of bread, but only nimbled on it.  He would join her soon. Emily folded her hands in her lap, then placed one on the table and leaned back.  The tension around her eyes was joined by a […]

Craft – Gluttony

A shadow gathered at the corner of the lawn–just beyond the reach of the yellow light from the window.  A women’s form pierced the square of light, her back to the shadow.  The open screen carried her vengeful voice to the listening night. The silhouette of a man joined her, his hand reaching.  Her voice punched up […]

Craft – Jealousy

Issret raised her head and pointed her ears down the hall.  Dust motes drifted in the sunlight which picked out the faded colors of the tapestries. Nothing stirred. Issret lay her head on a pillow of spun silver.  Her eyes were slits of gold.  Her body was still on her hoard. Her ears caught a tiny sound, no […]

Craft – Righteous Indignation

Leann slipped down the stairs, her shoulders tensing as she passed the kids play room.  From within came the sounds of a toy train and children’s voices. She smiled and took her seat at the computer.  With the kids happily playing, she could finally get a few minutes to write down her thoughts and feel […]

Craft – Mischief Maker

The polished wood of the desk gleamed in the afternoon light.  A dust mote floated down to rest on a shiny black plaque which read “John Bishop, Principal of Yardly Elementary”.   Samuel could see the plaque from where he crouched in the custodial closet.  He watched the hall for another count to ten.  When no one came […]