Craft – Binge

Karen plopped down on her bed.  Laura nudged her feet to make her move, then sat beside her.  Both girls stared at the heaping pile of candy at the foot of the bed. “So . . .” Laura said.  “The party’s over, Sheila won, and she also got Matt.” Karen laughed, almost a sob.  “But […]

Craft – Nonconformist

The Hotel gleamed in pristine balconies and gold-gilt doors.  The cluster of valets hovered just outside the marble foyer.  As each car pulled up, they stepped forward with a broad smile.  The Lexus pulled away, then the Mercedes, the Infinity.  The rumble of an approaching car caught a valet’s ear.  He turned.  His jaw dropped.  Pulling […]

Craft – Disappointment

Semorl swung from the back of his horse and strode through the inner courtyard of the keep.  He paused to let his eyes adjust to the darkness in the hall.  “Master Semorl!” His aged aunt fell at his feet.  “You’ve arrived too late.  The babe is long dead, and your lady soon to join him.  All is […]

Craft – Motivation

Anna dropped to her knees on the mat and placed her fists, first two knuckles only, just out from her shoulder width.  She crossed her ankles and raised herself on just the toes of her bottom foot into push-up position. One, two, three, four, five, six . . . she pumped them off quickly, including her […]

Craft – Time Dragging Slowly

Sharan jumped down the stairs, two at a time, and dodged out the broad front doors.  She slowed her pace as she skimmed through the crowd of students, then broke into a trot.  If she could just hurry, if the 3:06 bus could be a little late, she would still make it.  She swung round the corner of a […]

Craft – Show Someone Famous

Ms. Locken felt a light touch on her shoulder.  The soft voice of the flight attendant penetrated her sleepy thoughts. “Hmm?”  She asked. “We’ll be landing soon.”  The attendant sounded slightly anxious.  “You asked that we wake you. . . can I get you anything?” Ms. Locken rolled to her side, then into a sitting position.  “No, […]

Craft – Delirium

” . . . and now, on behalf of the KIP foundation, we’d like to announce the Grand Prize winner–Jane Sowers!” Jane leaped from her seat and clambored up the stairs to the dias.  She turned to face the audience, her face flushed and eyes bright. “Oh, wow–wow,” she said.  “Thanks, everybody, but especially the truly important ones […]

Craft: Stress

Tuppin dropped her broom at the door and hurried to the stove.  She needed to get the cauldron on now or it wouldn’t reach the rich simmering point before conclave tonight.  She popped the toads’ eggs into the oven, flipped on a burner, grabbed her biggest pot and began filling it with hot water. “Merowrr!”  Her new black […]

Craft: Starving

Peter shifted in his seat.  His stomach felt knotted and empty, and his legs were restless from their long confinement. He kept his eyes on Ms. Watson, at the head of the class, but in his fingers the pencil moved swiftly over the paper.  An image of a hotdog took shape.  A slice of pizza, complete […]

What these funky crafts are all about

This is a collection of Craft pieces as assigned by myself or my writing group, and is updated regularly.  The jist is we give ourselves a prompt (which I show in the title) then we write a short and snappy scene from the prompt.  The motto is show, don’t tell, so the words of the prompt should not be used. I […]