Where Will Life Take You?

I was recently chatting with a friend, discussing wander lust, and wondering why mine isn’t quite as bad as it used to be.  Then it hit me–I live vicariously through my characters, and so get to explore fantastic worlds and enjoy far off adventures on a regular basis!  Such is the joy of being a […]

The Buzz of a Lightning Strike

After a long day of WriteOnCon brain-crashing, I remembered that beach vacations involve time on the beach and packed up the towels, bags, and beach toys.  Only to be met by this– BOOM!!! Yep, a big ol’ eastern storm.  The kind that makes me want to throw caution to the wind and run for the […]

A Taste of the South

I’ve never been a huge fan of southern cooking, so I was a little wary of trying any restaurant that was too authentically southern.  No grits, livers, or fried okra for me!  I like my food to fall into categories I would roughly describe as identifiable and, um, within a stone’s throw of “normal”. Anyway, […]

Smokin’ Smokies

It’s funny, when I think of our trip to Great Smokies National Park and Gatlinburg, I think of tears and burning, despite my rating it one of our best trips ever!  No one cried while we climbed up to Ramsey Cascades except my legs and feet, which whimpered the last 2 miles!  Logging in at a strenuous 12.75, this […]

I Wonder As I Wander

All my life I’ve had wanderlust–and I’m not talking about going to see the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota.  Wonderous as that sight may be, many of the places I long to visit are a little further from home.  I want to breathe the spray of Angel Falls, spend a night at the South Pole Station, take […]

A Tiny Attempted Fib and Tiny Fairy Houses

I think this may be the longest I’ve ever neglected my blog–nearly two weeks!  But, at least I have a really, really good excuse.  I got an— !!! No, I can’t say it.  Not even as a joke.  Somebody would be sure to believe me and then word would spread and pretty soon everyone would […]

Sarra Cannon Interview and Pants that Travel

You know all the buzz about ebooks?  Indie authors, and the latest way to make $$ on the internet writing what you love?  Well, get ready cause I just finished an interview with Sarra Cannon, indie author extraordinaire!  It’ll go up on my group blog, the cabinet, this Friday morning.  Come check it out, and bring your questions […]

Message In A Bottle

Facebook, email, texting…if you’re anything like me, sending letters in the mail as a form of communication sounds really, really sloooow.  But what if you couldn’t even use the good old red flag on your mailbox, and had to send your messages by bottle and cork?  What would you say? Me, I think I’d write […]

Oceans Don’t Belong in the Living Room

When we got back from the beach, our fish tank had sprouted a leak (down in the sump) and was leaking salt water all over our living room.  Guess our fish wanted to come with.  I can’t blame them for trying, but I’m afraid that turning the living room into a massive salt water tank just isn’t an option.  […]

Feeling Seusseous and My First Curiosity Post

My first post on the Cabinet of Curiosities is up!  Or, maybe it’s almost up.  We’ll see if I correctly communicated with blogger. 😛  I had a fun time writing the post, since it gave me a chance to quote Dr. Seuss.  He’s been an all-time favorite writer of mine my entire life, and I’ve always […]